We are an all volunteer organization made up of Board members from across Ohio. We have made it our mission to work together in helping 9/11 Combat Veterans suffering with the invisible wounds of war known as PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder) and or TBI (Traumatic brain injury) confront these difficulties and regain their lives. We hope to raise awareness and to reduce the number of Combat Veteran suicides here in Ohio.

My oldest Son SGT. James C Robinson Jr was K.I.A. 28 August 2010 fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan. This organization is dedicated to him and for our Outpost team. We want to pay it forward to these Ohio Combat Veterans by assisting them through their education about PTSD and TBI and acclimation to the civilian world.

We have launched this plan into action by hosting outings for these Veterans and their caregivers. When the education is applied, it can help the veterans and caregivers recognize what behavioral signs to look for and how to manage stress triggers. If tense situations were to arise, they can have a better understanding of how to communicate vital knowledge of PTSD and TBI to Healthcare providers, Medics or Law enforcement.

We are a Guidstar Transparent Gold Level Nonprofit