James C. Robinson Sr. President / Chairman

I am the Father of SGT. James C. Robinson Jr. I was President / Chairman of Shabooms Inc. from 2011 through 2016. I have been involved with and volunteered for other 501 ( C ) ( 3 ) charity organizations that support our Military. I have been a very proud and active member of the Patriot Guard Riders since February 2006. I sat on the Executive Board of the Armco Employees Independent Federation for three years as an executive officer. I continue to support our men and women in our Military and all ways will. This public charity was created to pay it forward by supporting OHIO Post 9/11 Combat Veterans suffering from PTSD / TBI and their caregiver in Honor and Memory of my oldest son. SGT. James C. Robinson Jr.

Pete Miller

has been supporting the U.S. Military and our military veterans all of his adult life.  Pete was part of an engineering team that designed and built major weapon systems for all U.S. military conflicts from 1965 up until the present.  Even though Pete retired in 1998 after a 33-year career working for two of the world’s largest aerospace & defense contractors, many of these same weapon systems are still in use today.

Giving back became the hallmark of Pete’s retirement.  He and his wife Donna became Ohio Patriot Guard Riders in 2008. Both worked their way up to ride captains and Pete became Ohio’s Capital District Ride Captain.  Together, they rode their Harley on 168 missions for active military and military veterans and their families, before being called up to duty at the state level.

It was through the Ohio Patriot Guard Riders that Pete and Donna first met Jim Robinson and his family.

Pete & Donna began volunteering for Ohio Supreme Court Justice Evelyn L. Stratton in 2010 to help create the first veterans treatment courts in Ohio.  In 2011, they also began volunteering for Dr. Chrisanne Gordon and her Resurrecting Lives Foundation (Veterans TBI diagnosis & treatment).

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and Justice Stratton appointed Pete to the Ohio Attorney General’s Statewide Task Force on Criminal Justice & Mental Illness in 2011.  He serves on the Veteran Courts & Military Affairs Subcommittee.  Pete & Donna also provide video services to the Task Force.

In 2012, Pete & Donna began advising the Ohio Memorial Chapter of the Tuskegee Airmen Inc. on their plan to build an education center for disadvantaged youth in Columbus, OH, the final duty station of the original Tuskegee Airmen 1946 -1949.

The Ohio Memorial Chapter Tuskegee Airmen Education Programs now have wide community support and a collaboration with The Ohio State University is in the works. Pete sits on three engineering advisory boards at Ohio State.

In 2013, Pete became editor of retired Justice Stratton’s weekly veterans criminal justice and mental illness issues newsletter that has an audience of thousands of veterans and professionals who provide veterans services.

Pete & Donna also provided volunteer video services for the Ohio National Guard and the Tuskegee Airmen.  Pete & Donna’s YouTube Channel contains over 200 videos, has over 100 subscribers and their videos have been viewed over 80,000 times.

Today, Pete & Donna Miller are reaching more and more supporters of our military and veterans.  They have over 12,000 followers on social media platforms.



Erik Barrett

Born: circa 1965


Raised in NorCal by/with/in a very generous family

Took my oath for the Marine Corps 5 days before graduating high school at age 17

Desperately sought the path of least resistance for a decade or so and was a gas station attendant, Surveyor, EMT, Fire Fighter (Texas A&M), psych tech, mover, school bus driver, high end audio sales (Bay Area), music store (Guitar Showcase, San Jose), bartender

Graduated from college in 2 years at age 28 in Ohio

Worked as an RN in California and Ohio, currently an independent contractor for various health insurance companies in Ohio

Ohio Patriot Guard Rider since 2011

Journey 4 Justice member since 2011, current National Vice President

Currently the owner/sole proprietor of 1 More Ride Motorcycle Hearse Company

Married to Julie she makes me a husband, step-father, and pawpaw to the two most perfect granddaughters that could ever be.

I’ve known Sgt Jimmy’s parents for a few years now and have been involved in as many of the events as I have been able. This is a continuation. All that I’ve done for the past 6 yrs has had to do with supporting our military in some way, shape or form. The Patriot Guard, J4J, Honor Flight Northern Colorado, Battle Buddy and Honor Fight Dayton.

My Marine Corps experience was during a period of relative calm. There was no active threat of going to combat. It is this “unused warrior guilt” that fuels me now.

Rachel Kennedy 



Ty Thomas

Vietnam Veteran and former Executive Director of TV Middletown

Jenny Jeffery

Jenny Jeffery is the wife of retired Army Cpt. Mark Jeffery and the mother to two grown children, Erin Rathman and Joshua Jeffery and also the grandmother to, Aiden, Ava, Leah and Hailey.

Jenny became a caregiver to her husband, Mark in 2007, after a career ending injury in Iraq.  She did not have much direction through the VA, so she began to research and reach out to others to find out how to best help her husband.  This led to her becoming a caregiver in the VA Caregiver program, ultimately in time becoming a caregiver mentor to new caregivers in the program.  She also applied for and was honored with a two year appointment with the Elizabeth Dole Foundation.  She was part of the first class and the first Dole Fellow for the State of Ohio.  During her time as a Fellow she advocated for other military caregivers on Capital Hill.  Working hard to get legislation passed that would help other caregivers.  She is still working with the Dole Foundation today as an Alumni member of the Foundation.  She is passionate about our wounded warriors and their caregivers and works to help anyone who needs her help.  She continues to bring awareness to the needs of military caregivers, many who feel overwhelmed and alone.  The caregiver needs to be taken care of so they can effectively care for their wounded warrior.

Her motto is “every day is a new journey so take it one day at a time, and don’t be so hard on yourself.”